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The idea of doing a game in an hour sounded like a pretty good challenge. Turns out though that I needed a bit more time to completely finish the whole thing. Definitely underestimated the challenge. I tried making something like an old game and watch style type game about running forever. Kinda got it imo, but I still remember that one game being a bit more fun than this lol

Runny guy sprite was used from darkagent's spritesheet Colourfull Land.

Published Jan 04, 2017


New Year - LampGuitar.exe 2 MB


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Good style! The game may be more playable with a few rules for obstacle appearances, if you want to bring it further ;)

Thanks! Yeah I didn't quite have the time to better the rate of obstacle creation-

As for the other question you sent, it'd be awesome if this lil game was in an exhibition with others to promote these hourly gamejams!

Well at least it gives you some directions about what to polish next times ;)

As I selected many games to be shown, I can't guarantee that we'll have time to play them all. But I find yours interesting as it shows well usual games can come out of the very limited scope.